....Holding Company

About Us

J Nelson Enterprise, LLC was structured in 2009 as the parent company of a suite of independant companies sharing several things in common:

- dealing in the highest of ethics

- enriching the wealth of their clients and cusomters

- being creative and determined in what we do


OQL Solutions specializes in operational, quality and customer loyalty consulting. Supporting project and fucntional improvement OQL Solutions helps companies 'do things better'. www.oqlsolutons.com


The WorkOut Consortium focuses singificant, over-all improvements across an entity or company by providing hands-on help at key 'change' points such as mergers, new geography or products launch, and/or in the cases of financial distress. www.theworkoutconsortium.com


Added Peace of Mind is a private pay-for service serving the Rochester NY area.  Service Partners will visit a family member in a nursing home or other care-facility to ensure all is well during the times you are unavailable. www.addedpeaceofmind.com